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A fun, interactive, course exploring how photography can help improve our wellbeing, mental health and connection with others and the world around us.


As part of my own recovery from mental health, addiction and homelessness I have found photography incredibly important in making peace with the past and the present. 


Find out more about my journey here:

Having trained as a therapeutic photography practitioner, I have shaped my experiences along with my skills as a photographer and experience as a group facilitator into a course to help others to explore the therapeutic power of photography. 


Changing Perspectives provides groups of up to 8 people an opportunity to participate in 6 - 8 face to face or online workshops. Each session explores a different theme, such as; identity, memory, loss and change.

For each theme there are exercises (mini photography projects) for participants to complete between sessions & upload to a secure online group. Participants are given 4 exercises to choose from each week.

No skill or experience is needed to participate, just a device that takes photos.

Over the last 2 and a half years, I have delivered my workshops to a variety of groups including; NHS staff, young Disabled people, people in recovery from addiction, people who are experiencing homelessness, and new mums among many others. 

I am taking bookings from individuals and organisations now

Please contact: | +447749 998937

Example Exercises

Feedback and photos from participants

“It’s been so beautiful and powerfully heartwarming to share and connect with people through their photos and stories and I have felt more connected to myself as a result of it. Jon has been an amazing facilitator and has maintained a safe space to allow me to be my most vulnerable and authentic self.”

“I could not recommend this course to anyone enough. I am so glad I met Jon - he is a fantastic teacher, listener, provides non-judgemental opinions to your work and has introduced this amazing outlet into my life. This course has been an essential part of my self-reflection in the post-covid era as I found the whole pandemic very traumatic and life-changing as a front-line clinician. The time spent weekly on this photography course let me connect with other staff I'd never met before and share very personal insights into my life via a great medium - photographs. Jon should be given an award for this course.”

“This was like amazing group therapy and has really helped me turn my life around - I was able to get closure on difficult times in the past. Also, I find it hard to express myself in words so by using photography I could express emotions I can’t in words. Thank you Jon so much for running this course.”

“100% would recommend - I loved it. I think it’s such a good mix of creative/learning and feelings. Beautifully structured and a lovely space to explore.”

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