Estate of Mind

May 31, 2018

Trellick Tower - Ladbroke Grove


I've always been a bit obsessed with London's housing estates and tower blocks - imposing, bleak and ominous but bold, powerful and a touch magical with it. I lived on a couple of fairly notorious estates in the 1990s and it came with a weird sense of pride and belonging along with fear and a feeling that anything could happen, especially on hot summer nights. 

 Ivy Bridge Estate - Isleworth

 Clem Atlee Court - Fulham


 Cotton Garden Estate - Kennington

 Latimer Estate - Ladbroke Grove (in the shadow of Grenfell Tower - Rest in Piece the 72 who lost their lives)

 West Ken Estate - West Kensington

 Latimer Estate

 Brunel Estate - Westbourne Park


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