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Depicting Depression

I made these self-portraits (long exposures) in response to the question “What does depression feel like?” which was posed to me by somebody researching the subject for their PhD. It was timely as I’m currently experiencing a period of depression (as I know many others are). One thing I like to explain about my depression is that it’s not the same as sadness or feeling a bit low and not necessarily in proportion with the events of my life. I can feel depressed and feel incredibly grateful for my life (which I do). I’ve learnt that I need to find the right balance between accepting how I am and at the same time resisting some of the depressive thinking and behaviour. Letting it wash over me but not control me. Most importantly I’ve learnt to be kind to myself in the midst of it and know that it is temporary like everything in life. Sending love to anyone who’s struggling right now. Remember that you’re a human being and that it’s ok to not be ok.


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